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Dogtra 1900S Training System

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An e-collar designed for pet obedience training, K9 or sport dog training, DOGTRA 1900S TRAINING SYSTEM is the perfect unit for you. It has a ¾ mile range with a precise stimulation level (0-127). It uses low to high power output with Nick, Constant and vibration only for the stimulation type. It also has a LCD screen. Both collar/reciever and transmitter are fully waterproof and uses a Li-Polymer 2 hour quick charge batteries. This is highly recommended for dogs weighing 20 lbs. or more. Can be attached to one dog.

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    The new Dogtra 1900S is Dogtra’s latest 100% waterproof electronic training collar. This new electronic collar is full of Dogtra features including a 3/4 mile range, three different stimulation types; Nick, Constant, and non-stimulating pager/vibration, and the same rheostat stimulation control that has made Dogtra a leader in the industry. In addition to these great features, the Dogtra 1900S uses rechargeable, user-replaceable Ni-MH batteries. It's designed for entry level dog training, K-9 or sporting dog unit where a ½ mile range is needed. This collar is also available in a two dog system. The 1900S is an excellent multi-purpose electronic collar for mild mannered or stubborn dogs.

    The Dogtra 1900S transmitter is compact in shape and weighs just 4.8 oz. which makes it easy to carry in the field on either a lanyard or on your belt clip. All stimulation controls, “Nick, Constant, and Page”, have separate buttons on the single dog unit which makes it easy to the proper correction without the change of wrong stimulation. On the Dogtra 1902S, the two dog unit, the transmitter contains a toggle switch that switches from “Nick” and “Constant” stimulation, and color coded buttons for each of the collars (orange button for the orange collar, and black button for the black collar). Two buttons emit pager stimulation, and two buttons release either a “Nick” or “Constant” stimulation depending on what the toggle switch is set at. Each transmitter contains rechargeable, user-replaceable NiMH batteries, offering a two-hour quick charge feature, which will provide years of service if serviced with proper care. The transmitter LED indicator light will flash every four seconds when the transmitter is turned on. The color of the light indicates the status of the battery life. When the light flashes green the battery is fully charged, turns amber when the battery is at medium charge, and starts blinking red when the battery needs to be recharged.

    The 1900S has been designed to fit dogs with up to a 28” neck and comes with a Biothane style collar. The collar weighs 7.9 oz. This fully rechargeable collar has NiMH batteries which should last 3-5 years of service with proper care. The LED light on the collar indicates the currant charge of the collar. When the light flashes green the battery is fully charged, turns amber when the battery is at medium charge, and starts blinking red when the battery needs to be recharged. Also available in a two-dog model: Dogtra 1902NCP.


    User Expandable up to one dog
    Power range: Low to High
    Stimulation level: 0-127
    Stimulation type: nick, constant, and vibration only
    Batteries: Li-Polymer 2 hour quick charge batteries
    LCD screen display: Yes
    Waterproof: Yes
    Range: 3/4 mile


    Package Contents:

    • Remote Control Transmitter
    • Receiver
    • 28” Black Collar Strap
    • 5/8” Contact Points
    • Universal Battery Charger (110v/ 220v 240v)
    • Splitter Cable
    • Rubber Caps
    • Lanyard
    • Metal Belt Clip
    • Soft Side Gear Bag
    • 1900S Owner's Manual


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